Kaj Henningsen, senior lecturer, cand.pæd., Strib. Grandson of Iver Henningsen. He has collected the letters, drawings and photographies of Iver Henningsen. He has worked with adult education in Lithuania from 1992 to 2000. Project leader.

Bjarne Kingo, painter and horse whisperer, Strib. Responsible for picture material and horses. Leader of the exhibition "In Grandfathes footsteps" 2004.

Karl Jensen, photographer, filmman and teacher, Årslev. He has photographed and digitalized pictures and letters. Responsible for documenting the project through photos and video.

Anders Nørregård, family doctor, Middelfart. Medical, historical and personal advicer. Responsible for logistics. Chairman of the soceity ”Farfars Fodspor”

Martin Bo Nørregård, cand.mag. in history and philosophy, Frederiksberg. Responsible for the letters and drawings. Webmaster. Responsible for the research of the route of Iver Henningsen. The historical consciensness of the society.

Ole Østergaard, Photographer, Travel book author and teacher, Strib. Leader of the exhibition "In Grandfathes footsteps" 2004. Responsible for the Societies diary in pictures and words. Responsible for photocopying and posters.