- To preserve and communicate the letters and drawings of Iver Henningsen.
The letters and drawings of Iver Henningsen gives a rare describtion of a soldiers´ experience at the nothern part of the Eastern Front during World War 1 and they deserve be preserved as well as made accessible to a wider audience.

- To use the letters as a starting point for a journey.
The letters and drawings make it possible to follow the trail of Iver Henningsen through Poland and Lithuania and in that way experience World War 1 and one of its less known theaters of war.

- Through the journey to experience Eastern Europe now and then.
But the journey is not simply one of military and historical interest, it is also a journey through foreign countries and a meeting with foreign cultures. Through the letters the journey will be a return but also a first meeting, not only because the travellers have never been there before, but because nearly hundrede years have passed: the bloody and violent history of the 20th century.

- To communicate the impressions from the journey in the new and old Europe.
After a chaotic century, a new one of peaceful co-excistence and co-operation has dawned upon Europe, but a knowledge of our diversity as well as of what binds us together - a knowledge of our history and culture - is vital to this new Europe. The journey In grandfathers footsteps will offer many opportunities to study and experience both history and the life and culture of Eastern Europe today - afterwards to be communicted through a book, a documentary and lectures.